2015 Sturgis Rally Reservations

Early-Bird Rates good through July 31st, 2014

Please fill out reservation form completely. Use one form per group and list all names of people in your group.

      First Name 
       Last Name 
  Street Address 
 Address (cont.) 
 Zip/Postal Code 
      Home Phone 
      Cell Phone 

Date of Arrival:

Date of Departure:

How many People?

Tent Camping Residents:

$18 per person per day - Daily Rate (NO t-shirt & cap at this rate) 

$90 per person - Entire Rally (up to 12 days of the Rally) (NO t-shirt & cap at this rate)

$120 per person - Entire Rally (up to 12 days of the Rally) (includes t-shirt & cap for each person)

Choose your shirt sizes (Hold Ctrl Key, if selecting multiple sizes)


Dry Cabin - Sleeps up to 4 people $1400 + add $90.00 per person (up to 12 days of the Rally)

Self Contained RV or Trailer over 20' add $50.00 for the RV plus $90.00 per person for the Rally

Self Contained RV or Trailer over 20' long add $10.00 per day plus $18.00 per person per day

RV 20/30amp Electric Only $200.00 add $90.00 per person for the entire Rally

RV 50amp Electric Only $225.00 add $90.00 per person for the entire Rally

RV Electric Water 30amp $275.00 add $90.00 per person entire Rally

Full HookUps $400.00 add $90.00 per person entire Rally

*All RV's, 5th Wheels and Trailers must complete the following fields RV Length & Trailer Length:

Length of RV (including 5th Wheels and Trailers)

Length of Motorcycle Trailer long

Names of everyone in your group including your name:

(Separate each name on a new line)

Comments or Special Needs?

Please provide the following Payment Information:

Paying by Check, must be received within 7 days of your reservation request.


Credit Card Type*

Cardholder Name*

      Card Number* (1234-5678-9012-3456)

  Expiration Date* (MM-YY)

           V-Number* Required for Visa Users
3 digits on the back of your card, usually on the signature stripe signature stripe

All Prices quoted do not include 5% sales tax

All campers will be given a wristband that must be worn on your wrist to gain access to the campground and facilities.

If you cancel by July 1st, 80% will be Refunded, No Refund Thereafter.

Within 48 hours after Submission, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  If not call (877) 700-4766 or
e-mail raa@venturecomm.netraa@venturecomm.net

DaBus Shuttle Service will be servicing our campground on a regular schedule, they are offering an Early-Bird Rate, You will save up to $70 on each band, and if you order your wristbands now, we will have it/them waiting for you here at the campground.

It's the cheapest DUI Insurance you'll ever find!

RV Rentals delivered to Iron Horse Campground


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